Domina Ruiko

About BDSM and my diary


I could see a lot of Dominas and subs at Eureka’s 15th anniversary party, After party of 15th anniversary, La Siora’s meeting and finally at the dinner after the meeting.It was the fifth time that I’d celebrated Eureka’s anniversary and Mistress Yumiko's birthday. The after party was the third for me to experience.Thank you all for visiting us.I'll introduce my pic. I can show you other pics later...

My schedule in February

My La Siora shifts are every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday except for Thursday the 7th and Sunday the 10th. Instead of these two days, I’m available on Saturday the 9th.If you’d like to book a session on another day, please inform our receptionist in advance. It’s easier for me to make time when you let me know a long time in advance....

Tools I bought in Berlin

Time is flying after I came back to Japan.I found pleasure every time subs welcome me in Japan. More subs were for waiting me than I expected.SM for my first time in a long time is so exciting.Since I was excited, some subs are abused more than usual. But I guess they were excited because of synergy.Now, I'll introduce the pieces of equipment that I announced which I bought in Berlin.Although I wa...

Play movie

I'm in Japan now.Although I had to stay one night in Warsaw, I came back to Japan safely.Have you seen my short play movie? You can see the movie from link below.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSugRS_gjhH9sjOu2efaznQ/You might wonder why the sub is screaming while I'm not doing anything. The reason is electric torture.As I wrote in the last post, an electric device was connected with my phone by...

About my new play gallery

Good evening. It's night in London.Since friends of mine have left London, I went to a concert by myself yesterday. It was the London Symphony.Now it is lively for Xmas in London.Did you guys see my play gallery?【Queen Of Leather 1】【Queen Of Leather 2】I used genuine leather goods in the gallery. All of my clothes, the slave's mask, the harness, the suspension ankle restraints and the leg sprea...