Domina Ruiko

About BDSM and my diary

My spanking bench at Alpha-In

My spanking bench has been completed.This picture's bench is not the completed one. We are trying it out with a sub. At the beginning of progress, we did not plan to attach a place to rest the knee on. However we changed the plan as other positions are not good for long restriction. Although these positions are good for punishment. And besides, the top part can be removed and changed to a sharp on...

Torture under my body

I found my new favorite situation nowadays.As I’ve written many times before, I like breath control. I guess you know I like it. Using stretch films is one of the ways to do breath control. I wrap the sub’s head except for the eyes. And then I cover the nose, which is the last remaining space where they can breathe.When I use this way, I can see the sub's eyes and they can see me.But this is not n...

My schedule in November and about subs’ responses

I’m working on Saturday November 2nd from 3pm (with the last session beginning no later than 10pm), and from 3pm to 7:30pm on Sunday the 3rd. My other working days are every week on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 3pm (with the last session beginning no later than 10pm).Now I’m waiting for new gadgets I ordered. My new column on La Siora’s website is coming soon. I have new good ideas for stri...

What is the reason why I ask questions to subs during sessions?

I like to observe the will of subs disappearing because of various stimulations I give.Although they can escape and resist, they think there aren't any ways to escape under this condition. They have only two choices, which are obeying me or begging me. I ask questions to subs on those occasions frequently, I hear. But at the time I don’t notice that I’m doing it.I order subs to make a decision abo...

My schedule in October

I held my birthday party at Salon Eureka in September. It was my sixth time to hold it at Eureka. Since I was in Malta last year, two years had passed since last my birthday party. I’ll inform you of my Schedule in October:My working days are every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday except for Sunday the 13th....